When on a budget, consider these flooring choices

When on a budget, consider these flooring choices

You'll find products in various budget levels searching for the perfect new floors. But the good news is that some fantastic products are available for those with a tight budget.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to “settle” when adhering to a budget. Here are some products that will meet all your needs with impressive results.

Luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl is excellent if you need extensive visual appeal, even on a budget. You'll find products that mimic natural wood, stone, and porcelain tile, with ample customization opportunities.

But you’ll also gain impressive durability with products from our flooring company, including complete protection from water damage. In addition, these floors resist scratches, stains, fading, and denting, giving you the perfect pet-friendly floor covering.

Laminate flooring

Laminate also provides gorgeous visuals that look like stone and wood, with various colors and textures. Laminate is a great place to start when you need a quick installation for the best décor match.

These floors are durable enough for even your busiest rooms, with customizable wear and protective layers. They even come in water-resistant and waterproof options to give you the protection you need.

Sheet vinyl flooring

While these new floors aren’t as durable as luxury vinyl, sheet vinyl is resilient, durable, and completely waterproof. In addition, there are no seams in an average room installation, giving you another level of durability against spills.

Enjoy stunning visuals in this product line you might not find elsewhere. And be sure to ask about current trends that keep you current longer.

We have the budget-friend materials you need

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